“Joseph Filippi is really such a gem. I’ll start with the staff. Never have I been to a winery with such knowledgeable, caring staff. They really go above and beyond to ensure that you choose wines that appeal to your tastes.”

“Joseph Filippi is also home to some of the best wines I have ever had in Southern California. My personal favorite is their 2010 Cucamonga Valley Zinfandel followed closely by the Cucamonga Mourvedre. I must buy at least a bottle a week of the zin because I am afraid that they will sell out!”

“If you are looking for a wonderful place that makes you feel welcome, look no further, Joseph Filippi Winery is simply the best.”

“PS: Anyone giving a negative review is wrong. They should have their head examined!”

M.B. of San Juan Capistrano. CA

“I love their wines. Especially the Cucamonga Zinfandel. Great staff all around. Nice atmosphere and cute gift shop. Taco Tuesday is must there with El Tio Alex. So much history at the winery, you must take time to read and view their display.”

“The price of the tastings and bottles are very economical.  Wine club membership is the best I have seen so far within Southern CA. I have also enjoyed their Yoga at the Winery events.”

“Local residents and anyone visiting the area should take the time to visit Joseph Filippi and get to know their history and wines!  Oh and if you looking for a good Port, they have the best!”
A.E. of Upland, CA
“This was the first stop of our self-directed wine tasting tour in the IE.  I loved this place!  The staff was friendly and the wine was good.  It’s a very casual and “non-stuffy” place. We took the tour and I learned quite a bit about the whole process of making wine and the history in the area.  We took a couple of bottles of wine home after our tasting.
Again, the question in my head is “Why doesn’t Rancho Cucamonga market the fact that they have wineries in the area?”  I never knew…I would definitely recommend this place!  I’m definitely coming back, and  I’m bringing more friends to enjoy the experience with me!”
JM of Pasadena, CA

” I had the pleasure of visiting your winery last month and wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed myself. I am from Davis, CA near Sacramento, CA and belong to a number of wine clubs in Napa and Sonoma Valley. Being a bit of a wine snob I didn’t know what to think when my mother-in-law suggested we go wine tasting while on vacation in Rancho Cucamonga. But sure enough I was quickly put in my place! Your wines were balanced and simply delicious, and your Fondante Ciello chocolate dessert wine was magic! We Northern California wine lovers often think our wines are unbeatable, but I am amazed and delighted at how often small, family owned wineries, such as your own, can produce wine of such high quality while delivering a wine tasting experience that is relaxed, professional, and truly enjoyable! Thank you so much for reminding me that good wine isn’t about a label, region, or brand name, but rather what makes wine superior is that it is made by people who love their work and appreciate the wine making process. God bless you all and I hope to visit you again soon!”

Keli Gebhardt, Davis, CA

“Opened a bottle of Deux Monde 2003 last evening. It was given as a gift from my family. It was delightful. Complex blend, medium bodied, with depth. Good effort! We, in Sonoma County appreciate good wine wherever we find it! I owned a winery in Temecula once upon a time. Familiar with Cucamonga. If you don’t use those grapes they won’t survive the developers interests!”

Thank you

Michael Robison

“I was introduced to your winery while living in the Ontario area of the Inland Empire over 14 years ago. I moved from the area to the Sierra Nevada region of Northern California 12 years ago. My affinity to the J. Filippi Winery has remained very strong through my Wine Club Membership, which I have sustained for nearly 5+ Years now. I so enjoy my quarterly shipments (and being a major wine snob of the Napa, Sonoma & Temecula wineries) I truly find that the reds, speciality wines from J. Filippi Winery are the absolute best that I have ever tasted! My all-time favorite wine is the beloved “Rochelle” that you put out between 1998-2001. I have one signed bottle aging for a truly significant life event!

When I travel to the area (I have family in Fontana, less than 2 miles from your establishment) I come visit, just so my aunt & I can taste & I can come see you all in person!

Truly a world-class winery in my book!”

Dianne Horton-Pong, (Formerly of Ontario, Ca) Auburn, CA

“My name is Dianne, one of your longtime wine club members. Several months ago I emailed you to tell you about a bottle of your 1998 Vintage Rochelle that I have been aging since 2000 when I purchased this bottle from the winery on a visit to the Ontario area to see family.

Your response back to me was to decanter soon as the wine may have already gone bad. I was waiting for the appropriate special occasion to do, which occurred today when my father passed away from complications due to Alzheimer’s Disease.

I only wanted to email and report that the bottle did NOT spoil-in fact, I am enjoying the best glass of red wine that I have been privledged to drink in the last 13 years as a customer of your establishment-a true testament to the quality of your wines!!!

Thanks for making the hardest day of my life all that much sweeter with one of the finest vintages known–Salut!!!”

Dianne H., Auburn, CA