“I was introduced to your winery while living in the Ontario area of the Inland Empire over 14 years ago. I moved from the area to the Sierra Nevada region of Northern California 12 years ago. My affinity to the J. Filippi Winery has remained very strong through my Wine Club Membership, which I have sustained for nearly 5+ Years now. I so enjoy my quarterly shipments (and being a major wine snob of the Napa, Sonoma & Temecula wineries) I truly find that the reds, speciality wines from J. Filippi Winery are the absolute best that I have ever tasted! My all-time favorite wine is the beloved “Rochelle” that you put out between 1998-2001. I have one signed bottle aging for a truly significant life event!

When I travel to the area (I have family in Fontana, less than 2 miles from your establishment) I come visit, just so my aunt & I can taste & I can come see you all in person!

Truly a world-class winery in my book!”